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Closer To the Music

The qualities of the vinyl disc are unquestionable. LPs convey the purest essence of the musical message. They can communicate a sense of space, timing, and life. These are things that digital technology has largely been unable to deliver.

We are now able to offer the magic of the vinyl disc through digital media. We do this by stripping away the non-necessities of digital infrastructure. The Ack! Industries dAck! combines a purist non-oversampling digital filterless design with a modern, class A solid state output stage incorporating some of the best operational amplifiers in the world. Our approach is simplicity without compromise. Every single part of the system has been carefully voiced using the best available componentry. The result is perfect purity of tone, dynamics, and sound that connects with you emotionally.

The dAck! 2.0 is a complete redesign of the original Ack! Industries dAck! concept. With the next generation dAck! 2.0, we have addressed limitations of the original design to provide an equally cohesive performance but with enhanced characteristics on all fronts. The dAck! 2.0 is consistent with its predecessor in its performance in the midrange, but below you will find some major refinements in its musical presentation that put it at the next level of music reproduction:

Extraordinary pace and timing
Expansion of soundstage with enhanced image specificity
Exceptional transparency with ease of interpretation of instruments and voice
Extension of liquid highs
Taut bass with excellent detail
Remarkable speed of attack and decay




The Design

The battery-based power supply provides the foundation for the dAck!'s unique sound. In most digital to analog converters, the combination of transformer, rectifier, and filtering circuits in the power supply, and excessive digital filtering in the conversion stage, contribute unrestrained and often overbearing transients. This is something digital sources cannot afford if the end goal is to convey music.

The non-oversampling conversion stage is designed to provide tonal purity, extraordinary soundstage coherence, and timbral accuracy. But not at the expense of dynamics. Its sound is never fatiguing.

Small size makes the dAck! easy to fit into any installation. Its front and rear plates are CNC-machined 1/4" thick aluminum, fitted onto a distinctive steel enclosure. The circuit is suspension-mounted onto the rear plate to filter vibrations and the chassis is mass-loaded. Each unit is meticulously hand-built and tested in a real system before deployment.



Ack! Industries BNC connector and digital
connect are bundled with the dAck! 2.0

Care and Usage

Like a high-quality turntable, the dAck! must be started up before use and powered down after a listening session. The unit requires consistent charging habits and should not be used for longer than the recommended listening period before recharge (6-8 hours). Detailed care and usage instructions are provided in the users manual. The unit, if cared for as outlined in the users manual, will perform in its full capacity with the same power cells for years.

Battery replacement is straightforward, taking less than 10 minutes and requiring no tools.

We have traditionally offered exceedingly high value and continue to strive to give our customers a high level of performance and ergonomics at an affordable price. The dAck! 2.0 includes a high-bandwidth BNC connector input, previously offered only as an upgrade, to provide >2GHz bandwidth for the digital input. A BNC-to-RCA adapter is also included for use with RCA-terminated cables, however the Ack! Industries digital Connect (a true high-bandwidth 75Ω BNC-terminated transmission line) will now also come standard with the dAck! 2.0. This means that a consistent level of performance will be obtained right out of the box. The dAck! 2.0 output jacks are upgraded to high quality Teflon RCA parts from Vampire Wire. We recommend use with our analog interconnects in most systems for best performance.

dAck! 2.0 digital filterless D-to-A Converter
Includes: Automatic Charger, Digital Connect, BNC-to-RCA adapter.
Upgrade Options:
The Ultra-Resolution Option
Super-fast, low-dissipation Teflon output coupling capacitors are added to enhance texture and speed in the high frequencies. Highly recommended. A pre-burn-in process of 350hr is applied. This upgrade is also available for the dAck! 1.x., bringing the unit to a highly enhanced level of performance.
High Output Option
The output level is brought to 2VRMS for those with only digital sources or passive preamplifiers in their systems.
Replacement battery module - battpAck!:
dAck! 1.XX battpAck!
For the dAck! version 1.8 or lower.
dAck! 2.0 battpAck!
For the dAck! version 2.0 or higher.



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