The Analog Connect

The Analog Connect is a well-balanced silver cable that exhibits the best qualities of both silver and copper interconnects. It utilizes an open braid geometry comprising 22AWG strands of high-purity silver wiring with Teflon dielectric to combat environment noise and ensure signal integrity from source to downstream component. 1m standard length.

This cable - which was used during product voicing - brings out the best of the dAck! in most systems.

The Analog Connect
(1m pair)



The Analog Connect
(2m pair)





The Digital Connect

The digital cable is a key determinant of the sound in a high-end digital system. The datastream must be transferred from the transport to dAck! in as pristine of condition as possible. Impedance fluctuations generate jitter in the datastream and can cause distortion in a DACís output. These distortions range from minor conversion timing errors to gross bit errors that can degrade the listening experience. The Ack! Industries Digital Connect is impedance-matched from end to end with bandwidth over 2GHz for the BNC version. It also provides brilliant performance in video applications, so it can be used to enhance TV and component video feeds.

The Digital Connect is terminated with BNC connectors and comes with a BNC-RCA adapter. 1.4m standard length.

The Digital Connect
1.4m (BNC w/ RCA adapter)
The Digital Connect
1.4m (BNC w/ 2 RCA adapters)


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